Amori Luis

Watch me on LIVE. Heard you have to be in the UK or something? Peeking into the future through the LHC and what not. GL!

Keeping an active calender with all your appointments and prescriptions is a great tool

Seems I'll keep writing on my site quantumgoop so if you want to go visit it click the button below:


Really there is so much you can learn from just the periodic table, if you explore it fully you'll find many secrets of the world: Periodic Table


My puppers cookie and I when she was little. She's so big now and we have a cat so this picture is a bit nostalgic :)

Tech is cool but can easily become a distraction rather than a tool to be used


Old Business Logo

Help me create a new one for Amori?


E-mail me at for any inquiries. If we're not off dallying with space time we might even respond! Ah, who am I kidding, if I'm off dallying with space time, I'll probably respond, eventually...